Saturday, March 23, 2013


By definition is the practical use of good manners or etiquette. Showing consideration for others, tact and observing acceptable social graces.


So why are we losing this. Do we no longer practice what we preach. Teaching our children to say please and thank you. When on line people say things like "WTF". (If you don't know what it means, What the ----?) and I will just pretend it the last word is heck. For the sake of being polite. I find this to be one of the most offensive things a person can type or say.

I used to work where this sort of terminology was used to talk to the employees. By the same man that would have flipped his lid if it would have come out of a kids mouth at the dinner table. See how I used flipped his lid instead of something less polite but yet you all understand what I am saying. I see this on the Internet and television as well. Posts from people who are again parents that use profanity as though it is just any old word. Maybe I am a little prudish? But I was taught not to speak that way in public. I had quite the sailor vocabulary when I worked in the store. I did start off working for a Navy guy but I don't think picked up any bad words from him. But as I moved up the corporate ladder (just a few rungs) I learned people do not speak that way at work in an office situation. Funny how a few years later I would be spoken to in vulgar manner by my boss. But enough about him.

For the rest of us who live in a polite society in public are polite but willing to use abbreviations and vocabulary on Social media sites as though they are in their bedroom with the door closed talking to there best friend.

Have people forgotten how to act? People on the phone have lost this as well. I understand being frustrated and angry and even annoyed. I do not understand being so mad that you are willing to cuss and yell at the person on the other end. Guess what I did not cause your problem and unless rebooting your modem will resolve it or it is a bad code on your account all I can do is schedule a tech. I can not come fix the problem even if I know how. I will schedule a tech that as far as I know is correct for the problem I find. Now just like most things it only takes a few to spoil a perfectly good day. Some days you can talk them down others nothing is going to make it better. Which leads me to believe there may be more than one thing going on wrong in their life and I am only one who will listen to the screaming. I heard another employee on the phone last week say in the politest voice. Ma'am I do not need to be spoken to like that to understand that you are having a problem. You laugh when you aren't the one but you know your turn is coming. Could be just a call away.

So how did we get to this place. Is it TV or the Internet. Is it the fact that you are not speaking to a person face to face that makes some brave and rude all at once. Are the words coming out the ones that are in your head and there is no longer a polite filter that stops the words from crossing your lips. I say yours I probably should not. I know there are some people out there that think like me and would not speak in a rude manner online or on the phone. Never in public.

George Carlin said there are 7 words not said on TV but after reading his list I feel there should be more than just those 7. Those 7 should not even be said by sailors. I am not going to list the words but in this day and age. I think we need to pick up Miss Manners and consult with Emily Post and fine tune our vocabulary. Instead of consulting with likes of Captain Jack Sparrow and Bart Simpson.I would not suggest South Park , Jerry Springer or the likes of a show like Cheaters either. I have never seen Pirates of the Caribbean and will not watch the Simpsons. I accidentally saw South Park once it was a Halloween episode. I had nightmares. Wouldn't watch Jerry Springer, or Cheaters nor Cops. Need I continue

I could list more shows that I will not watch than the ones I will. I feel the same way about things people post online. I will end with, Just think about what you are saying before you say it and if you do not think you should say it in front of your Mother or Grandmother, Don't say it to me either.

Thank you.

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