Friday, September 13, 2013

Again the news.

So it has been a few weeks since I wrote anything. I am torn on subjects. So many things have been on my mind lately. I have been thinking about what we watch on TV and how it has changed. Everyone knows I no longer watch the news but that does not mean I do not know what is going on in the world. I get the worst. A quick blip on the news channel as I change channels. As soon as the word animal is mentioned in a news story Brian picks up the remote. I can not bear to know what someone did to hurt an animal and can not look at pictures. But I find nothing quite as disturbing as seeing people killed on TV. Used to be they would not show an animal tortured but no now somehow it is acceptable to show human beings. I credit my employer at the time I heard the story on Bay News 9 they would not show the pictures. Other networks could not make that same clear and obvious decision. This I can not understand.

I do appreciate that CBS cares and will at the end of a show dealing with a particular subject offer support through a website or 800 number. I am not sure why the news does not do the same. Some of the subjects that are on the news deserve more attention to what got the person there than the final act that actually got them on the news. 
Today it was a young girl who apparently committed suicide over being bullied. This I find to be terrible. I saw her picture on the news and on the website. I heard part of the Sheriff explaining the events that lead up to her death. If this much effort went into helping this girl deal with the bully would her parents be planning a funeral today. The money spent on looking for her once missing could have provided an army of support while she was still alive. And I know there was efforts made to help her. 

This young girl seemed to find peace with animals that others would find unapproachable. But she I imagine would sit and maybe cry at this abandon building. She probably did not have to find the animals but they found her. She probably told them her problems. I can understand. They listened and did not judge. They loved her for who she was. A soft touch they did not get from others.  I only wish those animals could have told her that the people badgering her were really worse off than she. And to with time all of this would pass.

But the bully to pick and pick and pick on someone. To blatantly focus all your negative energy on one person to the point they can no longer take it. How does that person feel now. Like they accomplished their goal. They need help and it is too late for punishing  the act of bullying. That will make some feel better but this to is probably a classmate of the same age. This child has a life time ahead. And if things are not turned around now. Where will they end up.Well of course. On the news themself. Mug shot and a description to their latest victim.

So I saw one story on the news today. One story. I saw one last week about the Syrian people. See why I can not watch the news. It truly bothers me. And my head just does not let go of this girls picture or that of the Syrian people being tortured to death. I will now go watch an episode of Mary Tyler Moore or Bewitched and forget what is going on in the world around me.

I am not sure that by watching these horrible events we call news on TV we are not becoming a 21 century of Gladiators and Vikings. Acts that in a few 100 years will seem intolerable and less than human and definitely not civilized. The bully of today could be the slaves master of the past. If you look at it that way it will take more than 100 years to correct what has become an epidemic among the young.

I will however say that if anyone is having these issues being bullied or tortured and need help ask for help. Make someone help you. Your live is more valuable than you know. You may be the next President or the person that is to find the cure for cancer. And if no one else will listen. I am here and would do anything for any other person When you are down it is hard to pull yourself up and sometimes just a hand is all you need or a good ear to listen.

After writing this blog I searched for a quote and found this one below and it tied in perfect. I did not know who the author was so I looked him up on line Dr. Love a motivational speaker popular in the 1980's. Ironically he studied the human disconnect and the meaning of life after a student's suicide.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

I just wonder how do I write about something. And use some of the same words to describe my feelings about what might have made this situation better and this man I have never heard of before said the same things 30 years ago. There is something out there in this world that directs me to write and helps me feel better. I hope that same source directs someone to read this that needs to as bad as I needed to write it and I hope they can find the help they need as well.

If you need help talking to your kids about Bullying. I have listed some websites below.

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