Monday, January 21, 2013

New Day

So, Today is Monday January 21, 2013. It is Martin Luther King Day a sometimes celebrated only in some neighborhoods holiday. It is also Inauguration Day. How ironic we are swearing in a President on a National Holiday for a man that supported the idea of equality among all of us.

I got up this morning and turned on CSpan and watched the Pomp and Circumstance. I love that stuff. Called my sister and reminded that this only happens once every 4 years and the kids should be aware. I am one who pays attention to what Michelle wore today. Elegant and classy. I would say like Jackie Kennedy but some would be offended. Oh well. She looks lovely and so do her daughters. Growing up in the White House has to be one of those surreal things. Growing up in the only American Castle.

On this day there will be celebrations across the country celebrating the Freedoms that people have gained in their life time. If you consider that a woman or black man could have only dreamed to be President in the 1960's. Some were shocked that a Catholic white man could be elected then.  The future of children today the sky is no longer the limit. There is no limit to what someone with an education and the will to try can accomplish. 

When you look back, and forward at the same time the present is right in front of you. George Washington said that electing and sitting a first president did not make this country great but it was the election of the second president and transferring of power is what will make this country different. We have now done this 50+ times in this countries history over the last 200 years. We can as a people accomplish anything we set our minds to. I do not think the our For Fathers were so incredibly smart beyond our understanding. I think they were very careful with their chosen words. They did not expect their document to last 200 years they were expecting to re write the document. But now it is revered like the Bible. Words written in a time so long ago that they never could have known what time and technology would bring us. But here we are 2000 years after some of the bible stories were first told and 200 years after our country was formed. We still argue over some of the same things. Freedom, Gun Control, Liberty.

Lets see there may not have been guns but 2000 years ago there were wars fought over land, personal freedom and religion. And 200 years ago wars fought over again land, personal freedom and religion. So I can only imagine that another 200 years or 2000 years if men and women still walk this earth there will still be people fighting over the same things. Yet hopefully there will still be Presidents being elected and Popes being selected in the same fashion as it has been happening for generations. There is some stability in this world and one day we will find away to find Peace as well. Maybe not in controlling guns or land holders and there will no longer be slaves in any form not only in our country but in the world.

Tonight when the news shows Michelle and Barack dancing at the inauguration ball. Notice the smile on their faces the love they have. The joy that they can share these moments with their children and the world. This great country allows such a freedom for a black man to not only be elected president but to be re-elected. And even if all the events are not open to the public you can watch them happen on TV. Take pride in the fact that you live here and have the right and obligation to not only live in this country but to participate in the process. Jury Duty, Voting, serving in the Armed Services, teaching our children the ways of the past and show them how bright their future can be if they only have the will to succeed and they get a good education any American kid can grow up to be President of the United States of America.

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