Friday, January 11, 2013

What if?

With the job I have I wonder every day about this world and how as a whole people are so dependent on technology how would they survive without. So because Day one seems like where you would start I wanted to see what some might do if they did not have all their technology at their fingertips.

People are so reliant on the convenience at times you would think they were being asked to go without breathing for a few days. People always blame the I have bills to pay or work from home. Funny thing, I don't really believe that they all have bills to pay or work from home. They just don't want to admit that their built in babysitter the Internet and online gaming can not be lived without for a few days.

For myself , I would no longer write a blog it would be back to journal on pen and paper which is ok because unlike school children of today. I do know how to write in cursive and have decent enough handwriting that I could review what I had written down. I joked with a customer yesterday about how we used to go to the library to do research for a report and had to find books by subject, author or title in the card catalog. I don't even think they maintain the hard copy anymore so good luck on your report. The card catalog is online.

So we will start with the thought that if the world had to go 3 days without cell phones what craziness would happen or would we as a people go back no problem. I know there are still places in the world that don't have the technology and I am ok with that. I could drop the phone and revert back no problem. I could go without Facebook, I am newcomer to it anyway and could give it up. Games, I only have one on my phone I play when I am bored which should be never. I never turn the ringer on so I don't talk on it really except for my mom on the way home from work at night.

I see people in restaurants and they each have their phone out and every few moments they look down to see if there is any updates. What in the world could happen that is that exciting. I guess if you don't keep an eye on your phone you will not know. I prefer the old fashioned conversation with the person across the table from me. I can sit through a whole meal without getting my phone out of my purse. Is that really amazing?

Had a guy ask me the other day when I was looking for directions to his house not if I had a pen to write down the address but do you have a gps? No. Do you use Google Maps? I guess I could but can't you just give me directions. I was using my cell phone to call him but I could have made the call before I left the house. I found my way no problem. No gps or anything. Wow. For those of you to young to know. Back in the day you would have kept a map in glove compartment and you would have been able to look up the address that way if you got lost or did not know where you were going.

Brian is a different story. He has been all in on this smart phone revolution for a long time. He likes to look things up and do his research on his phone. He knows how to use the GPS so he would have punched in the name and address to find his way somewhere he has never been before and he would be lost if he couldn't call to let you know he made a wrong turn and is running late. He enjoys his facebook and keeping up with others busy lives. Especially his nieces. He uses the alarm, notes to remind himself of his schedule and things he needs to do. Has music in case he will be stuck sitting in a waiting room or has to go to the dentist. Can't listen to them talk about his teeth. Has to concentrate on something more soothing like music.

Those are just the things I can think of that the 2 of us use. So could you do it. Or would you loose your mind. God forbid we think about an extended power outage. Rationing of power as though it were food. A thought maybe for next time.

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